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Get Your Hotel Room

You can now book your hotel room at the incredible Alexis Park Resort!

Rooms start at $99!

* Get an extra discount if you stay on Thursday too!

Why get a room?

Staying at Alexis Park Resort is an epic way to experience the convention for all 3 days as we have different panels and events happening all weekend long. Get a room and spend your entire weekend enjoying one of the best cosplay events in the world!


Las Vegas


Why book a room?

We will have events as late as midnight in our panel and entertainment spaces. Booking a room at the beautiful Alexis Park Las Vegas will ensure you have access to each day's full lineup of entertainment and fun.

Location Map

Looking to find your way around Cosplay Expo? Check out our page filled with event maps to learn more about where everything is at. We're conveniently located just off Harmon Ave and Paradise Rd!

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