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Cosplay Expo will feature exhibitors, vendors, and talented artists as part of our convention's exhibition hall! We invite you to join us for our three-day convention to take part in the wonderful experience of COSPLAY EXPO!

Artist Alley

We will have some incredible anime and cosplay artists participating in our artist alley, selling their original merchandise and artwork! Please support such an incredible array of artists at our event!


Some awesome Dealers selling some of the best anime merchandise available will be on-site all 3 days of Cosplay Expo selling all kinds of anime swag! Get your wallets ready to buy ANIME.

Vendors and artists who are interested in participating should please fill out the form to join our mailing list.

Exhibition Hall Hours

Friday      3pm - 8pm

Saturday 10am - 8pm

Sunday   10am - 5pm

Hours subject to change.

Vendor Setup

Load In Times At Alexis Park
Dec 8, Thursday 3pm - 8pm
Dec 9, Friday 10am - 2pm

(Unloading, Dec 11, Sunday 5pm-9pm)

Please note that the loading area is street level and the ballroom is on the 1st floor, so load in should be quick and easy. We ask vendors to fully unload their vehicle before starting to setup, or your vehicle may be in the way preventing other vendors from unloading.


Load In Route

* All vehicles are allowed to pull up next to the convention center

* Vehicles are not allowed to enter the building, do not drive inside!

* Vehicles left in the loading areas after the loading times WILL BE TOWED!

* No vehicles can drive into the facility
* Please use hand carts and dollies to move your merchandise.
* Please note there are strict time limits on loading and unloading, and arriving too late to unload will not permit you additional unloading time.
* A reminder to all vendors, no outside food or beverage may be brought into the facility
* If you need electricity, an order form is attached.

Vendor Layout

Cosplay Expo will takeover the Alexis Park Resort and Suites hotel and convention center in Vegas!

This is a tentative layout and we may add or modify booths as demand varies. We thank you for your interested in our event and we look forward to seeing you!

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