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Artists are invited to join us at COSPLAY EXPO to showcase their work and their incredible talent! Get your artist alley table today to participate.



Artist Alley Prices
One Table: $194.99

* We may set rules for the safe, economical, orderly, and proper organization of our dealers room and artist alley. The convention alone gets to determine the rules, and you must abide by all rules we set.
* Artists may not purchase more than one table. ARTISTS MAY NOT REQUEST SPACES NEXT TO EACH OTHER. Our goal is to make our artist alley as accessible to interested artists as possible, so we do not allow artists to take up multiple booths. In order to ensure that artists do not use others to receive multiple booths, artists may not request specific placements next to other individuals.

* Two artists may share one table, but not more than two artists may share a table.

* Only one convention admission is included with each table purchase.

* Artists selling any artwork that could be rated 18+ must ensure that this material is not visible to minors at any time.

* Artists must be able to provide proof of tax compliance upon demand at any time.

* Artist spaces are intended for your home-made creations or artwork. Items that are manufactured in bulk such as manufactured plushies, mass manufactured buttons, or other mass manufactured products can not be sold at an artist space and must be sold in a dealer booth.

* Artists agree to comply with all State and Federal rules and regulations, as well as the rules and regulations of the Alexis Park Resort and Suites Convention Center

* Our policies on harassment and behaviour apply to all exhibitors, dealers, and artists, and violation of these policies can result in your ejection from the event. If you are ejected from the event you agree to hold harmless the event from any liability or loss you incur as a result.

* There are no refunds on artist alley table purchases.

* We reserve the right to change, amend, or update our rules at any time at entirely our discretion in order to protect the safety, security, liability, or public image of the convention and/or our attendees, or for any other reason we deem necessary

Exhibition Hall Hours

Friday      3pm - 8pm

Saturday 10am - 8pm

Sunday   10am - 5pm

Hours subject to change.

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