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Cosplay Guests

The most incredible cosplayers, voice actors, anime industry people, musicians, entertainers, TV actors, and beyond! Cosplay Expo is a massive entertainment experience to be explored in Las Vegas!

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Cosplayer, Writer, and More



Utahime is a host, professional cosplayer, and TTRPG performer. She has been a featured guest, host, and cosplay competition judge at numerous comic book and anime conventions across the country.

Utahime's cosplays have been featured in various media outlets including Cosplay Alliance Magazine, the L.A. Times, Popsugar, Supernews Live, Temple of Geek, Inven Global, and Cosplay Culture.


She has participated in various TTRPG campaigns and charity streams. Utahime has worked with Tabletop brands such as Modiphius Entertainment, Kobold Press, Renegade Game Studios, and Chaosium. She was even featured on DnD Beyond in an article celebrating Latinx creators in the TTRPG community. Utahime hopes to inspire others that regardless of your ethnicity, gender, or background anyone can get involved with cosplay and tabletop games in the community.



Award-winning cosplayer and full-time content creator The Cosplay Bunny is local to our Las Vegas event! Her career began in the film industry working on feature length films at 16 years old as a SPFX makeup artist, and has since transitioned into fabrication and more!

The Cosplay Bunny.jpg


YTCracker is the de facto leader of a movement hacking the planet since before 1999. As a nerdy performer and a DJ he has played on stages all around the world. This former cracker is known for hacking into the websites of several federal and municipal governments in the US when underage. Since then he's been a major proponent of network neutrality and an internet free of censorship.


PastelJellies Cosplay is a local vegas cosplayer who has been cosplaying since 2013.  She enjoys crafting cosplays from a wide variety of Fandoms from marvel to anime to video games. She has won awards in the Wondercon Masquerade and a few smaller cosplay contests. You also might find her designing original costumes and characters in her free time using primary sewing techniques and foamsmithing.
You can find her work mostly on her Instagram and tiktok. 

Pastel Jellies Cosplay.jpg
Polyxena Cosplay.jpg


Ashley of Polyxena Cosplay is a Tucson native who found a love of cosplay through League of Legends. After spending her teenage years attending cons decked out in goth loli gear she decided it was time to make a change. She made some new friends while hosting LoL events and decided she wanted to give cosplay a try. She absolutely loved it and  over six year later with a wealth of knowledge she is ready to share it with the world.

Ashley has done it all! Sewing, prop making, armor building, LED programming, OC Designs, etc. Every project has been used as a way to build skills and, while sometimes frustrating, she has never lost her passion to learn and build. Cosplay can be overwhelming at times, but she wants to give back and help those who want to cosplay just like those in the community did for her when she was a beginner cosplayer.


Subaru a.k.a Prince-Camui Cosplay (they/them) is a non binary competitive and award winning cosplayer and performer from Las Vegas; they are also the lead vocalist in the traveling performance cafe Otaku Dreams. They have created and competed in a wide array of masquerades, such as Crunchyroll expo and LVLUP Expo, since 2003. They have even run many of their own masquerades and cosplay contests at conventions in the Las Vegas Area. They have an educational background in Theatre under their Liberal Arts degree and are an avid student at Cosplay Vegas, the School of Cosplay, here in town. Aside from the many new skills they have learned at Cosplay Vegas, they are self-taught in their craft and have worked diligently over the years to improve their skills even more. They hope to be another voice in the cosplay community to show that cosplay is for everyone and want to convey that through their performances as well as showing their love through their craft.

Prince-Camui Cosplay.jpg
Charles Campbell.jpg


Charles "Charlie" Campbell is an American voice actor, ADR director and recording engineer for ADV Films/Sentai Studios, Crunchyroll, and Okatron 5000. Just a few of voice-over credits include Gran Torino (My Hero Academia), Ultraman Ace (Ultraman Z), Fujitora / Issho (One Piece), Minotaurus, Pell, and Vewon (Dragon Ball Super), and Hakurou (That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime).

A fun fact about Charlie is he was employed as ADV Films' first in-house ADR audio engineer where he sat behind the mixing board through many ADV classics, including Neon Genesis Evangelion, Blue Seed, Battle Angel, Golden Boy, and even the live-action giant monster classic Gamera: Guardian of the Universe! He made his directorial and writing debut in 2000's Lost Universe. His other directing credits include English dubs of the 2004 Korean live-action hit No Blood, No Tears, Science Ninja Team Gatchaman, One Piece, Kenichi: The Mightiest Disciple, Rurouni Kenshin: New Kyoto Arc, and the Gatchaman OVA.


Corinne “Megami33” Sudberg is a professional voice actor, singer, YouTuber, and nerd. Originally from Long Island, New York, she studied theater and eventually animation at the School of Visual Arts hoping to someday work in cartoons in some way. She eventually made her way to Dallas and started to work for several studios including Funimation, Sound Cadence, and StarMan studios. Some of her most notable roles include Kozuki Momonosuke (One Piece), Nataku Son (Fire Force), Arche Eeb Rile Ford (Overlord III), Alpaca Suri (Kemono Friends), Spence/Hatsuharu (Azur Lane), and Luca (Hells). She has also voiced for for various video games including "Yokai Kitchen", "Bee Simulator", "Regalia: Of Men & Monarchs", "Heroes' Charge", "Aura Kingdom", and many more.

On top of voice acting, Corinne is a YouTube personality under the name "Megami33", based on her favorite Yu-Gi-Oh card, "Gyakutenno Megami". Starting the YouTube game back in 2007, she's voiced for a variety of web series including Team Four Star, Dr. Crafty, Aphmau, TheLoadingCrew, Gamer Chad, and Linkara. She also sings adaptation covers from various anime and video games with over 100k subscribers and over 20 million views. She is also the official singer for the theme song to Bananya, "Lucky Holiday" from Discotek Media. In her downtime, she enjoys catching up on the latest seasonal anime, catching Pokemon, playing D&D, or just hanging out with her pup Remi!

Corrine Sudberg.jpg
Gareth West.jpg


Gareth is an actor, model, and voice actor based out of Texas. He is known for such Anime roles as; Ittetsu Takeda in Haikyu, Seiya Takehaya in Tsurune, Kanichi Konishi in Food Wars, Haruka Shinozaki in My Girlfriend Is Shobitch, Lizard Misty in Saint Seiya, 2D in Golden Time, Akihiro Tsukaba in Chihayafuru, Tomoaki Yamagishi in O Maidens In Your Savage Season, and Dinkuron in Log Horizon. He is also currently playing the role of Jason Lee Scott the Red Power Ranger in the upcoming release Red Rising: A Power Rangers Fan Film. When not making anime voices or acting, Gareth enjoys basically anything nerdy under the sun. So whatever it is you are into, chances are you can come up and geek out. Because there is nothing he likes more than getting enthusiastic, and making new friends!


Jeff Plunk was born and raised in Dallas Texas; he is still proud to call it his home. Jeff started his acting career in his early teens and is still pushing the boundaries of his craft over 25 years later. Jeff started off his career primarily as a commercial actor but continues to strive in TV, film, and Voice Over. His enthusiasm, passion, and sense of humor have helped him work consistently throughout the years in countless commercials, industrial videos, voice over, TV, and film. When Jeff’s not on set or in the studio, he’s hanging out with his 5-year-old daughter, wife, and dogs, riding his bike in the woods, or just kicking it on the patio with an ice-cold beer. A true Texan at heart.

Fans know him for his roles as Gaja (Black Clover), Adachi (Skate Leading Stars). Sawyer (Racer) (Fairy Tail), Basil (Dragon Ball Super), Inuarashi (Duke Dogstorm) (One Piece), Konro Sagamiya (Fire Force).

Jeff Plunk.jpg
Mark Acheson.jpg


Mark Acheson is a Canadian voice, film, and television actor. His voice-over roles include Lord Tirek (My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic), Unicron (Transformers: Armada and Transformers: Energon), Fisto / Chadaz (He-Man and the Masters of the Universe), Sabretooth (Hulk Vs), and Tawalaya / Touta (.hack//Roots).

A few of his film/TV credits are Mailroom Guy in Elf, Mr. Tripoli in Fargo, Hansel / Tooth Fairy in Supernatural, Magistrate Wilkins in Smallville, and Slam Guard in The Chronicles of Riddick. A fun fact about Mark is he is a founding member of Janus Theatre and appeared on stage for eight years including a full season at the Arts Club as well as The NewPlay Center, Carousel Theatre, Western Canada Theatre in Kamloops, Sunshine Theatre in Kelowna, The Belfry in Victoria and StageWest in Edmonton.


Midnight Pursona is an award-winning competitive cosplayer out of Las Vegas, NV. For 12+ years, Midnight has been bringing entertainment and joy through her masquerede skits and TikTok videos. She enjoys creating unique make-up looks and creating designs and costumes wherever she goes. As a POC, Plus-Size, Queer cosplayer, Midnight advocates strongly for equality and diversity in the community and is open and happy to sit down and have a discussion on how to improve the community to make it more inclusive and welcoming for everyone. A few fun facts about Midnight: She has a giant love of cows and plushies, she entertains friends weekly on her twitch channel, she’s also an artist, and she's always ready to be a cosplay mom if you need one.

Midnight Pursona.jpg
Philip Weber.jpg


Philip Weber is a voice actor, podcast personality, and pizza aficionado. His voice can be heard lending his voice to characters such as Sengoku, Iceberg, and Dalmation (One Piece), Marude (Tokyo Ghoul), Zero, Brain, and Lapointe (Fairy Tail), Hauge (Fire Force), and Peer (Attack on Titan). He can also be heard on podcasts such as Active Radioactive Radio, Mage & Machine, and Geoffrey Thorne's Dreamnasium.


Ray Hurd is best known for his work in anime series and films, including his roles as Leonhard (Sacrificial Princess & the King of Beasts), Selkie (My Hero Academia), Kizaru / Borsalino (One Piece), Charon (Fire Force), Top (Dragon Ball Super), and Azuma (Fairy Tail). Hurd began his career in the entertainment industry in the late 1990s and has since lent his voice to numerous popular anime productions. In addition to his voice acting work, Hurd has also worked as a writer and producer in the film industry. He continues to be a prominent figure in the world of anime and voice acting.

Ray Hurd.jpg
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