The most incredible cosplayers, voice actors, anime industry people, musicians, entertainers, TV actors, and beyond! Cosplay Expo is a massive entertainment experience to be explored in Las Vegas!



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Cosplayer and Blind Badass

Lisa Lou Who is a cosplayer with great costumes ranging from Meiko (Prison School) to Jester (Critical Role) and more. Presenter of panels on cosplay craftsmanship, accessibility and disability in cosplay, cosplay around the world, and more! Find her on various online platforms.




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With more than a decade of experience in both modelling and fashion, Bre Poisonne has a robust professional resume that includes working on costumes and props for movies, TV, and more. Bre is known especially for their latex work, including 2B (NieR: Automata), Panther (Persona 5), and Lio Fotia (Promare).



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Cosplayer, YouTuber & Waifu Aficionado

Attending geek-centric social gatherings since the release of Hello Kitty: Roller Rescue on Nintendo's short lived Gamecube (aka 2005), D-Piddy’s unique take of the morally ambiguous Deadpool has infused levity and multi-fandom awareness to a character many fans have admired for years. Although he began making YouTube videos as a joke, D-Piddy now produces digital media that spans various genres within pop culture, sometimes collaborating with the likes of Marvel Entertainment, Square Enix, VIZ Media and UNIQLO, to name a few. As his notoriety grew, so did his repertoire of embodying other famous fictional characters. He also enjoys working with like-minded individuals, occasionally featuring notable cosplayers to join the shenanigans.

Entertaining an audience of millions connected through the pocket dimension we call the internet, D-Piddy now believes he’s destined to save the world as he travels the universe on his trusty robot unicorn, the Mikazuki 5, always on the lookout to discover new meanings to life, in the pursuit of knowledge, adventure and love.




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Cosplayer, Writer, and More

Ani-Mia has appeared on the cover of Dynamite's Vampirella in December of 2017, Archie Comics #700 in September 2018, Bettie Page #1&3 in 2021, Vampirella #67 in September 2021 and Siria #1 in Winter 2019 from the VP/EOC of Aspen Comics.

Mia is also cosplay writer for print magazine, Otaku USA Magazine for 7+ years, with mail subscriptions of over 350,000 as well as online readership. Ani-Mia is also a comic writer and the author of Bettie Page and the Bigfoot Bandits published by Dynamite Comics



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Hacked into Nasa. Bitcoin Baron.

YTCracker is the de facto leader of a movement hacking the planet since before 1999. As a nerdy performer and a DJ he has played on stages all around the world. This former cracker is known for hacking into the websites of several federal and municipal governments in the US when underage. Since then he's been a major proponent of network neutrality and an internet free of censorship.



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Tine’s been cosplaying since 2009 and have cosplayed from games like League of Legends, Legend of Zelda, World of Warcraft, Dota 2 and done some passion projects from animes and shows like Tokyo Mew Mew, Boku no Hero Academia, Ranma 1/2 and My Little Pony. I have a wide range of interests within gaming and cosplay and usually work with projects that are of personal interest to her and that she’s really passionate about.

She’s a lifelong gamer who started out with Mario and Duck Hunt on NES, then moved on to computers with Red Alert and since then have owned most consoles from Nintendo and is personally a huge fan of Zelda, League of Legends and Warcraft. She’s have made lots of friends from the gaming and cosplay community that have turned out to be some of her best friends to this date. “I love meeting new people and  being apart of the awesome gaming/cosplay community that just keeps on growing. I have always loved being creative since I was a little kid, so being able to make my favorite characters come to life is such a wonderful experience.”



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Cosplay Chameleon

Utahime is an streamer, actress, model and dancer that discovered her passion for cosplay while attending her first convention, Anime Expo. She enjoys attending various comic book and anime conventions across the country and has been a featured guest, panel host, and cosplay competition judge. Utahime's cosplays have been featured in media outlets such as Cosplay Alliance Magazine, the L.A.Times, Popsugar, Supernews Live, Temple of Geek, Inven Global, Voyage LA magazine and Cosplay Culture. Utahime hopes to inspire others with her message that anyone can cosplay regardless of their ethnicity, gender or background. Recently, Utahime became passionate about playing Dungeons and Dragons and TTRPGs after learning to play with her close friends. She loves bringing her characters to life through cosplay and role playing, she has participated in various campaigns and charity streams, and was recently featured on DnD Beyond in an article celebrating Latinx creators in the TTRPG community.

You can catch Utahime on Twitch playing in the campaigns for  “Vault” on The Initiative Order and “Ecriom Expeditions” on DM_Screening or on her own channel, UtahimeCosplay, where she streams various video games with her community.


The Cosplay Bunny


Award-winning cosplayer and full-time content creator The Cosplay Bunny is local to our Las Vegas event! Her career began in the film industry working on feature length films at 16 years old as a SPFX makeup artist, and has since transitioned into fabrication and more!


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Alicia Marie is a costume cosplay artist, RPG performing artist, a fitness cyborg, and the author of The Booty Bible. Her incredible cosplays can be found on her Instagram with over 228,000 followers.



Voice Actress

Carrie Anne Savage is an anime voice actress. Some of her notable anime roles include Rakka in Haibane Renmei, Solty Revant in SoltyRei, the Mokonas in xxxHolic and Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicle, Miu Fūrinji on Kenichi: The Mightiest Disciple, Hakufu Sonsaku in Ikki Tousen, Kaede Fuyou in Shuffle!, Nancy in R.O.D The TV, Penny in Crayon Shin-chan and Asta in Trinity Blood.



Talented actor in TV, games, and animation.

A Los Angeles native, Phil is an alumnus of Yale University and The Groundlings Theater and is perhaps best known as one of the original cast members of MAD TV, “Hermes” on FUTURAMA, "Marvin" in PULP FICTION, “Green Lantern” on JUSTICE LEAGUE and as the voice of SAMURAI JACK. For over 30 years, Phil has thrilled audiences with his work on camera and behind the mic on TV shows such as STATIC SHOCK, FAMILY GUY, YOUNG JUSTICE, STAR WARS: THE CLONE WARS, THE FLASH, SUPERGIRL, GET SHORTY, LUCIFER, CURB YOUR ENTHUSIASM and VEEP; feature films like MADAGASCAR 2, INCREDIBLES 2, and THE LION KING (2019) and video games including JAK & DAXTER, FORTNITE, SHADOW OF MORDOR, and the METAL GEAR SOLID, INJUSTICE and MORTAL KOMBAT series. His stage work includes productions with The Actor’s Gang, South Coast Repertory, Sacred Fools Theatre, and Phil also portrayed “Cowboy Curtis” in "The Pee-wee Herman Show" both on at The Stephen Sondheim

Theatre on Broadway and in the Emmy-nominated HBO special. Currently, in addition to writing and producing the animated series "GOBLINS," (goblinsanimated.com), Phil is performing monthly with "THE BLACK VERSION" (theblackversion.com), appearing in Cartoon Network’s CRAIG OF THE CREEK, Netflix’s MASTERS OF THE UNIVERSE: REVELATION and THE BOOK OF BOBA FETT.

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Voice actor in anime.

Bryson Baugus is a voice actor, singer, and stage actor from Houston, Texas. He is known for his work as Pegasus Seiya in Saint Seiya (2019 CGI reboot & 1986 Netflix dub); Falco Grice in Attack on Titan; Shoyo Hinata in Haikyu!!; Bell Cranel in Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon?; Mitsuru in Darling in the FranXX; Takumi Aldini in Food Wars; and many others. For his full list of roles, check out BrysonBaugus.com In his free time, Bryson also likes to play video games live on Twitch (twitch.tv/baugusbryson) and create videos for YouTube (youtube.com/baugusbryson). If you would like to keep up with what’s going on with Bryson, give him a Follow on Twitter (@baugusbryson)!

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Voice actor in anime.

Katelyn Barr has been working in anime and video games since 2013. Her professional career began with
Liliana in Log Horizon and has spanned a wide variety of popular series ever since. Currently, Katelyn is best known as the voice of Ryuko “Ryukyu” Tatsuma in My Hero Academia, Ophiuchus Shaina in Saint Seiya, Yami/Golden Darkness and Tearju Lunatique in To Love Ru, Baby 5 in One Piece, and Nikki Hanada in Dr. Stone. Some personal favorite roles of hers are Rim (The Dungeon of Black Company), Hina Hikawa (BanG Dream!), Shoukaku (Azur Lane), Ren Soma (Fruits Basket), Natsumi (Date-A-Live), and Imu (Senran Kagura). In video games, she can be heard as Niyon from the Granblue Fantasy x Shadowverse universe, Sylma in War of the Visions: Final Fantasy Brave Exvius, Melinda and various others in Borderlands 3, and several unlockable skins in SMITE. Katelyn has also worked extensively as a scriptwriter for English dubs, with over 400 episodes of anime adapted to date. Some of the titles on her résumé include Black Clover, Akame ga KILL!, Haikyu!!, and many more. Katelyn currently resides in Dallas, TX where she works full-time for FUNimation, records projects from her home studio, plays drums, and collects Halloween décor.

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Voice actor in anime.

Sarah Wiedenheft is a voice actor who has provided her voice for anime, such as: Lord Zeno from Dragon Ball Super, Tohru from Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid, Hina from Plunderer, Suika from Dr. Stone, Charmy from Black Clover, Saiko from Tokyo Ghoul:re, Lily from Zombieland Saga, Phos from Land of the Lustrous, Takagi from Karakai Jozu No Takagi-san, Aika from Shomin Sample, Claiomh from Sorcerous Stabber Orphen, Non from Keijo!!!!!!!!, Teresa from Tada Never Falls in Love, Pony from My Hero Academia, Azusa from Orange, Kiriha from Tsugumomo, Shera from How NOT To Summon A Demon Lord, Yuki from Interviews With Monster Girls, and Michella from Blood Blockade Battlefront. She has also lent her voice in games, such as: Female Fanatic and Prisa in Borderlands 3, Celeste in Huniepop, Lailani in HunieCam Studio, Nissa in Pulong Insanity, Maria in Umineko: When They Cry, and Professor Mona in DreadOut 2.

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