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Request Payment

Please submit the payment request form below to request payment from Cosplay Expo LLC. COSPLAY EXPO pays by direct deposit to your bank account, from our account at GREATER NEVADA CREDIT UNION. You will see a deposit from GREATER NEVADA CREDIT UNION // COSPLAY EXPO LLC.

What is ACH?
ACH is short for "Automated Clearing House" and is a type of electronic funds transfer that transfers money between banks and accounts.

Are international accounts accepted?
This form is for domestic bank accounts only.

Please double-check your information.
ACH transfers are fast and convenient, so please ensure you submit the correct information so that money is not sent to the wrong place.

Why does this form request my SSN or EIN?

The IRS requires a form 1099 to be sent to anyone who receives more than $600 from an organization in any given calendar year.

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