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Entertainment Guests


Jaremi Carey

JAREMI CAREY is a streamer, reality TV personality, singer and transformation Artist. He has made appearances throughout the U.S. and internationally, from Anime Blues Con to New York Comic Con, Japan Weekend, Fan Fusion, San Diego Comic Con and more!

Jaremi created a show called cosSLAY, in collaboration with Twitch, which was a 10 episode series that was a head-to-head competition with contestants from around the globe. He has done transformation collaborations with HBO's The Nevers, Nickelodeon's The Last Airbender, Fox TV's After Ego and much more! Whether you see him as a musical performer, judge, panelist, host or transformation Artist, one things for sure, you're bound to have a great time! For more info., please check out @justjaremi


Bryce Case Jr. / The YTCracker

YTCracker is the de facto leader of a movement hacking the planet since before 1999. As a nerdy performer and a DJ he has played on stages all around the world. This former cracker is known for hacking into the websites of several federal and municipal governments in the US when underage. Since then he's been a major proponent of network neutrality and an internet free of censorship.


Random aka Mega Ran

Random, aka Mega Ran, aka RandomBeats... Teacher, Rapper, Hero. Guinness World Record Holder.

When LA Weekly said that Ran’s “fanbase and niche audiences are growing at a rate not seen since Tech N9ne,” they meant it. A former middle school teacher, Mega Ran (formerly Random) blends education, hip-hop and gaming in amazing new ways, penetrating the farthest reaches of the galaxy with his unique rhyme style and electric performances.

Video games, comic books and pop culture, all such huge factors in Ran’s upbringing, would begin to seep their way into his musical output, and the results were stunning. 

Today, Mega Ran is no longer a teacher by title, but maintains a rigorous touring and recording schedule, traveling the world to entertain and educate through the gift of rhyme. 

Black Ros3.jpg


BLACKROS3 band is a performing duo from Las Vegas that specializes in j-rock and anime cover music. Their shows are packed with powerful covers, energetic instrumental pieces, and face-melting guitar solos.  With just two members, the BLACKROS3 duo utilizes their skills in multiple instruments to record and layer tracks, as well as inviting guest performers to create powerful and engaging live performances with the essence of that full-band punch. 



Tired of the robotic monotony of swiping left or right? Are you looking for player 2? Do you crave the adventure and excitement to meet dozens of people JUST LIKE YOU in a short amount of time? Well, lucky for you, Super Sonic Speed Dating is here to help facilitate that in a fun, easy, and exhilarating way! So stop giving your thumb carpal tunnel, and let us help you find a date in a flash at Super Sonic Speed Dating. All participants must be 18+ and the event is FREE for all attendees of Cosplay Expo. Please arrive 15-30 minutes early as seating will be limited.

Also experience: LGBTQIA+ Speed Dating and Super Sonic Speed Friending!



Nerdknight Music is a conglomerate of next-gen nerds looking to push the boundaries of music. The group formed in 2016 and has been blazing a path forward with live performances since 2019. Among their most notable performances are Anime Impulse and Anime Expo. Their approach to the nerdcore genre is one of nuance rather than in-your-face punchlines (but there's plenty of that too!) Video game-inspired tracks serve as the backdrop to illustrate their lives as Black nerds: NK Sensei, a wordsmith crafts stories with intricate wordplay, potent delivery, and fiery aura while NK Blackimar cools the flames with a wavy and melodic stage presence that’s sure to get the crowd moving these two are the perfect complementary dose of fire and ice. All the while The ShyGuy steers the ship from behind his table, ensuring the crowd’s entertainment is supreme. The synergy that this trio brings to the stage is one that is seen and felt!



The Microphone Misfitz can entertain you if that is what you came for, from music to dance to a party-good time. Now, if you want quality for your time then let the Fitz engage you in the arts & sciences of the 21st century's preeminent culture. Based in Chicago, the Microphone Misfitz are more than a band or crew, creating music but using the pillars of HipHop (turntablism/DJing; MCing; breakin'; graffiti/street art; knowledge & overstanding) and their shared dynamics to enlighten and sustain their audiences and themselves.

Kin Solo, DFEX,  and Jet Nam/ Jet9 are the choreography & movement artists; Ray of Light is the high-octane hype-man & MC; Mel L. is the Graff artist, vocalist, & road DJ; DJ Mar & Mike Knobel (aemka) are the production team; and D-Nick The Microphone Misfit is the lead MC, lyricist & artistic director of the group. The Microphone Misfitz have toured worldwide from grassroots gatherings to South By Southwest; from Algeria to China and elsewhere; Sharing stages with luminaries such as Crucial Conflict, Black Star, KRS-ONE, Jeru tha Damaja, Saul Williams, Æsop Rock and more.  In 2018 the group made history by being the first Hip-Hop group from the USA to officially perform in and tour China since the country banned Hip-Hop. The group was met with great praise and hundreds of fans. Focused on the themes of living for a healthier state of mind; and uplifting those who are trying to find their path in this world, the Fitz embodies the acronym Healthy Independent People Helping Other People.



* Regrettably due to last minute scheduling issues, Richie Branson is unable to make it this year. He apologies and wishes everyone a great time. *

Richie Branson is a game designer and nerdcore rapper and producer from San Antonio, Texas. Known for his anime-inspired raps, he's worked on a variety of soundtracks, including Adult Swim's Toonami and Rooster Teeth's Camp Camp and Gen:Lock series. He currently holds the unofficial (and certainly self-claimed) record for creating the most Gundam rap songs.

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